WUT? You'll never update your bjc ask blog?! That's the impression I got. ;-;


I started getting into dmmd gghgyyfy!!


i feel threatened

accept it. dtmg is love. dtmg is life.

go back to the meme realm, fiend

I actually miss your dtmg art (it was great), that's why I started following you and watching the show. Love your art~

aw thanks ;;

im looking back at how much i was into dtmg and the feelings rly similar to when i looked back at my old total drama aleheather drawings and i just want to go back to february and burn my own ass

imagine bjc starts running his hands up your body and continues kissing your neck. he nuzzles into your collarbones and leaves small marks and hickies all while trailing light kisses around the side of your face. his lips trace your earlobe as he gently puts his hand on the side of your neck and whispers "dude, suck my big gay ghost cock"

im calling the police

imagine bjc kissing your neck and jawbone then whispering in your ear how much he loves you

im lahgign so ahrd im giong to cry

im wattching the intro to the 1st episdoe of the bike anime andi m laughing its so intense but its juST BIKES!H!!! 

Here’s the deal. I NEED to move out. [Please read/reblog/donate.]


I NEED to move out.

I’m becoming more & more depressed. I NEED to move out, because of where I live right now, is toxic and is making me depressed. But, to move out, I need money. Sadly, I don’t have any money or a job at all, and I can’t get one, because I’m so depressed & stressed out all the time. I’m also becoming agoraphobic, because of my depression. This is my last hope. I don’t have anywhere else to go. 

My fundraiser is here. Also, you can donate by the Paypal donate button on my blog under the ‘about me’. I would like to move out in a month or two. The sooner, the better.


Thank you to everyone reblogging this. Also: thanks to iguanamouthheadfirstintowonderlandmeowstically & brightgreencrayon, the-death-of-lemonsnout, moon-princen, glubbingjellyfish, peculiarbanana for donating to me. Also, thank you to the people who donated $100 to my fundraiser. Thank you! 

I’ll post pictures (when and if) I get my new apartment.

Total donation amount: $309.05 USD out of $2,500 USD. 

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LMAO NO lemme buy him! Oh my goshhh// i hope you didnt take it the wrong way!

i didn’t! im not just satisfied with him ;v;

do you find it weird painting traditionally vs digitally, like is there one you prefer more? and would you recommend someone who uses mostly digital media to try traditional as well? do you think working with traditional media helps with digital as well?

well for more finished works„ i prefer digital because its easier n cleaner, and it makes really pretty stuff! 

i always felt the need to be good at traditional media, because i thought it was an important base for things like digital painting, but i improved on my traditional painting after months and months of digital work. soo you can improve in both while doing either, it turns out. but honestly i dont know?? i have no patience for painting traditionally so the frustration and rash marks i make from that kind of diminishes the quality of my traditional painting work. as long as your art is improving i guess.

someone take me out of the visual arts program and stick me in animation im so unfulfilled here