i just wanna kiss people who can redraw screenshots and make them look even more expressive n stylized, especially tooNS

Can you show us how you draw/paint hair ?


(edit: there might be gif problmes.. soo heres the full one: http://recordit.co/M3pQM9zbxE)

using these brushes


for color blocking


for blending

jicheshire said: mine’s in 11! september budies. /smooch

wAO happy belated birthday!

Ahh I looked in your faq and these questions weren't there so I hope you don't mind me asking, but: how long (as in years) have you been drawing? Also have you posted your painting process anywhere? (or if not could you do a tutorial?) You have a really interesting style and I'm really curious how you work. (ex. Do you do traditional lineart? do you do paint over the lineart?) Sorry if I'm asking too much, you just inspire me a lot!!

i’ve been scribbling since 6, n i started seriously drawing around the 3rd (i forget) grade when i won this contest in my local newspaper n i was like hey im pretty good at this n look at me now

and most of my stuff is just coloring over sketches, my paintings are coloring over sketches

usually my pieces start off with a traditional sketch  brought to SAI with my phone and then i make a cleaner sketch to paint over. i color that sketch, merge it all together and polish it up

and no worries! thank you ;v;

my bday is coming in 6 days 

HELLO im sorry if you've been asked this in the past but would you mind sharing your brush settings? you inspire me sooo much o mg, its fine if not!

check out my faq nerd

who is your war chief band geek?

BAND, like a clan/group omg not a doot doot band oghdhgh

shes like a humanized version of this animal oc i have 

I nearly finished playing pikmin 3 n im so SAD ITS SUCH A GOOD GAME N ITS GOING TO END SOON„, I need new game reccomendations, sob

rniq replied to your photo:stay strong pearl
you’re so good at drawing expressions omg

oNE OF MY ART GOALS!! thanks! <3

stay strong pearl

stay strong pearl

You are so skilled at your young age! How did you get so good? I've been practicing for a couple of years and my art shows minimal to no improvement. It makes me very sad ;(

fhuuh i dont know how to answer this! my answer is gonna sound like shit but here i go

it’s like, training your eye. identifying what you need to improve on and then taking initiative. take baby steps out of your comfort zone, n draw from reference. 

how many asks do you get saying people are in love with ur oc sheldon? bc this is 1 more

this is the 2nd one so far, omg thANK YOU! <3